Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm burned out on poker...

... which will probably last until tomorrow.

Things have been running really, really well for me the past few months since I switched back to concentrating on NL again. Just finished a bonus on Party attempting to multi-table $50 NL 6-max for the first time. It went well and I cleared ~$250 with the bonus. I may consider multi-tabling $100 NL 6-max on Stars to clear the reload bonus I have over there. In general I think I need a few more hours on $100 NL (maybe I'll finish off the Full Tilt bonus) and then I plan to take some shots at $200NL.

Oh, yeah, my bankroll is now a little over $4.1K. NL is treating me really well, and I'm only now starting to suffer some bad beats which I am honestly way overdue for. Here's a nice little graph:

I signed up for Full Tilt through Poker Source Online (leave a comment if you want a referral for there, and we can work a little something out in return if you like). I'm pretty happy with PSO -- I'm planning on doing Bodog next through them and a few others to augment the weaker sign-up bonuses. In general, I'm just trying to make sure I always play with a bonus since I don't really pull that many hours and I might as well get a large portion of the rake back through bonuses.

I also tried out the $200+25 Lucky Chances Sunday tournament -- I final tabled it, but busted out the first hand when my 55 couldn't beat the chip leader's A5o. Still, 10th place of 124 paid $500, so I'm not too upset. I definitely have the money to play it occasionally.

In general, I felt quite comfortable and was actually picking up some tells on the other players. Only once was I behind when the money went in (and in my defense, I had the best hand pre-flop, and was pretty much pot-committed). I was not very aggressive though, even when I lucked into a big stack.

I can't say enough about the tournament staff at Lucky Chances. I thought it was a very well-run tournament, much better than Artichoke Joe's. This is what I wrote about it to a friend who inquired:

It was a pretty good tournament, actually -- I liked it a lot better
than Artichoke Joe's (the other local tourney I've played). I'd
definitely recommend it.

Buy-in was $200+25, so that's a little high, but players were
generally decent but not too good until you get later in the tourney.
The structure is fast but not nearly as fast as AJs or Garden City
tournaments -- 20 minute rounds, usually blinds/antes don't double
except for rounds 4-5. Not having a rebuy helps too -- tends to thin
out the tables in a more natural way giving a bit more play. They did
have 24 alternates (+ 124 players total, top prize $9K, top ten pay).

The main thing I noticed is they really went out of their way to let
the players know what was going on with announcements, plasmas showing
the current level/blinds, and quick floor people when there was a
dispute. I found the tournament staff very good and responsive and
the dealers were pretty good too.

I ended up busting the first hand of the final table to take 10th and
$500. Can't really complain because I didn't really suffer any bad
luck the whole time to that point.

The buy-in is a bit much for me, but since I won that time I will
definitely be playing it again in the next month or two.

That's it for now. I've played poker 90% of the days for the past three weeks or so, so I think it is time to slow down and take a few days off or cut down on hours. I can really feel the tilt and fatigue building, so I might as well quit while I'm ahead.