Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Bit of Genius

I know this idea has been around, but it bears repeating:

If you win without a showdown, it doesn't matter what cards you held.

Seriously, think about that a little while, and you'll realize the secret to winning in tight no limit games.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Returning to LHE

It has been a while since I've played poker live (over two weeks; I played the 1/2 NL game and won $250) but I'm returning to Garden City tonight.

My goal is simply to not screw up.

Shouldn't be too hard :)


April was a good month for me and I got my bankroll up a little over $3K and finally feel pretty secure playing $6/12 and $1/2 NL. It's odd, but when I'm winning, I actually don't want to play that much. When I'm losing, then I have the urge to play and make the money back. I suspect that's the opposite of many players (and yet the same as many others).

Oh, and I'll be going to LA for a conference, so I'm hoping to play an event in the Bike's Deep Stack tournament (what a lame name!). I'm hoping for the $50 rebuy tournament on Wednesday night, but we'll see. Mostly, I just want to see the Bike, and hopefully I'll get to stop by Commerce too.


Anyway, in the hopes of not screwing up, I'm going to borrow my goals from this post:

  1. Play ABC poker. Again, tighten up a little bit pre-flop (not to say play tight, but don't call ATo in EP on an aggressive table). And continue doing things like raising in position for free cards.
  2. Take extra time for my decisions. Don't play on autopilot. Think through my options. Trust myself (not necessarily physical tells, but the sum total of patterns, reads, and tells).
  3. Play against bad players. This means move tables if my table is tight. I play best against loose players (either aggressive or passive) so I need to seek them out.
Sometime in the next hour I need to locate my 'poker pad'.

After all, I might have an interesting hand or two tonight.