Saturday, May 22, 2010

Goals For .5/1 Cash Tonight...

  1. Straight from SSNLHE: Don't overcommit in small pots...
  2. Raise my button often...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cash Game Tonight

Playing a new cash game tonight with some players that I know.  I believe it is .5/1 NLHE, but we'll see when I get there.  I've started reading SSNLHE and finding some good ideas in it, but I'm purposely going slowly, especially since I haven't had much time to play lately, especially cash.  So my goal is to start playing online occasionally, and choosing one or two things to work on each time.

For tonight, I'm going to make some specific goals:

  • Play more deep stacked.  I think I'll bring $200, leaving me money for two $80 buy-ins and one half-rebuy (if I get low).  The goal will be to keep my stack about $80, and leave if it drops well below (i.e. if I'm into the game for $200 and I've only got $40 in front of me, I should leave rather than gamble with that $40).
  • Don't enter pots where I don't have strong card equity or strong bluff equity.  This will likely tighten me up in early position which is not a bad thing in a loose-aggressive game.  Notably, I'll probably be letting suited weak aces go in early position along with suited connectors.
  • Play position.  Specifically, this means raising limpers.  While I'll be tighter in early position, I think I should raise more in position and aim to take the pot with a continuation bet or two on the flop.
  • Don't play scared; it is ok to get stacked.  I think this is my big issue.  It also follows along with Ed Miller's recent post about loose players that don't fold.  Often, it is ok to get in with a single pair against a loose opponent -- and it is ok to make a pot-sized bet if I believe my opponent is drawing.