Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just lost $210 at 2/4 on Euro over 1.5 hours. Ouch. I've heard of -50BB sessions, but this is the first I've experienced it at this level. That hurt. Gotta finish the bonus though, I'm only a few hours away.

Worst part is this is continuing a pretty bad run, and my overall bankroll is now a little over 1K. Not good for bonus chasing and playing 3/6 at the casino. Lets hope I can pull out of it. The worst part is I wasn't playing that poorly today -- I really just hit very little and every time I put money in the pot someone came over the top of me. Maybe I could have limited my losses to $100.


This after last night where I managed to lose $25 in a $10 freeze-out tourney. They let me rebuy after a bad beat, so I made it to the bubble seat, but it wasn't meant to be. That and I obviously lost my last-longer bet when I went out first.

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