Monday, June 05, 2006

3K! **fizzle**

I limped through the bankroll milestone of $3,000 tonight. Limped in that I made a quick win in $100 NL (feeling pretty comfortable there now) and then got third in an 18 player 6-max $12+1 on Stars. Lately I just haven't been able to close out any tourneys, although my ITM is very high over the past month (69% which is mostly 10+ player tourneys). Maybe I should re-read the short-handed part of Harrington. I expect I'm folding too much once I get lots of chips in the pot.

Over the past month I've mostly been chopping out a series of small $10-$30 wins with the one big tourney score. I shouldn't complain though, I'm winning, and I feel like I'm playing well.

This must be the 'grinding' phase. When is the 'money growing on trees' phase?

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