Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tonight's Goals

The 0.50/1.00 game is tonight.  Time to get my goals down...


  1. Too afraid, too tentative in this game.  
  2. Making bad plays late in hands (turn/river).  This includes both calling in bad spots (see the AJo hand in the last post, calling against odds, weak-ace hand for stacks a few games ago) and folding in bad spots (see the hand over the weekend).
  1. For issue #1 above, I need to get more aggressive in position.  Granted, I don't want to go overboard (I'm a tight player by nature, and playing too far outside of that in a big game will not be profitable), but I need to:
    • Float a bit more.  I'd like to have a gutshot, but sometimes do it with nothing.
    • Fire one bullet into flops with as little as a gutshot.  Not necessarily fire the second.
    • If checked to me in position, fire once on the flop, any two cards.
    • Re-raise loose raisers a little lighter than I generally do.  Re-raise tight raisers a little lighter than my inclination (for instance, re-raise JJ).
  2. Issue #2, and due to my first goal, think through the hand from the beginning and come up with a range.  My reading has been improving by focusing on this.  I'm also doing much better on taking my time.
  3. Leave at 11 pm. I'm especially tired tonight, so I need to leave by 11, and if I lose two buy-ins, sooner.

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