Friday, December 09, 2005

That sucked...

Just finished off the bonus at Pacific Poker and came out 38c ahead after $51 in bonuses... Yes, the players are very weak, but I couldn't take their money (I played mostly 6-max 1/2).

Honestly, I'm just glad it is over right now. Seemed to take all sorts of beats and wasn't playing that well. With everyone so loose you have to watch helplessly as 4 people call your top pair down and invariably hit something. Schooling of the fishes at its greatest. Plus the software is generally slow and disconnects a lot.

One of the reasons I think I did so poorly was playing shorthanded with a nasty rake structure (I payed out $60+ in rake while I was there). Even with a bonus, I'm not sure it would be profitable to play there unless you were up at a higher limit and you had a fast enough computer to run another site at the same time. Maybe I'll visit again, but not anytime soon :)

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