Saturday, December 10, 2005

What the...

Tried to install Multi Table Helper (I'll try to get a link when I can)... Anyway, it decided to install the .NET framework (yippee! -- I love it when a little program requires a huge package to work) and took forever. I was excited when the little progress bar got to the end of the box -- until another window popped up with a new progress bar and the caption:

"The installation is taking longer than expected..."
Brilliant, Microsoft, freakin' brilliant. What a reassuring message to give me warm fuzzy feelings when I install your software on my computer.

In related news, my home machine is running out of room on the main drive. I was cleaning stuff off last night (you know, old poker rooms that I don't visit any more) and after some digging, I realized that 2.5 GB of the 8 GB drive was filled with Windows system restore information with no obvious way to control or remove it.

Thanks again, Microsoft. First you create an OS that needs constant patches, then you create an auto-update system that fixes the bugs but fills up our harddrives with more data than Windows is supposed to take up.

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