Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fear the Raise.

I forgot which blogger said it, but one big idea has bouncing around in my brain lately related to LHE:

"Fear the raise."
Essentially, you can tune out calls and bets much better than you can tune out raises. Raises usually tell you that the raiser has a good hand for the board -- usually two pair or better, often a flush or straight on dangerous boards. Folding is often the best option, especially at low-limit games, where the bluff-raise is uncommon.

If I had to point to any one leak during my losing limit play, that would be it. I need to fold to more raises.


Found the source (at least partially -- I believe another blogger pointed the page out initially): Izmet Fekali's Learning to Win. All of Izmet's stuff is really, really good, especially his Playing with the Fish series. A quote relating to fearing the raise:
"When raised, stop, think, reevaluate. A raise is an incoming message. ... Bets and calls are often automatic, not so with raises. When in doubt, fold."
This idea is probably most responsible for my current winning streak. It is also the first thing that goes when I am multi-tabling and tired.

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