Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ouch take two...

Holy crap. Just like the last session of Euro, the last session to clear the bonus on Martins was just horrendous. I dropped 150 euro in less than an hour at 2/4 tables. Yes, it is not even 40 big bets, but why don't I have any big wins > 15 BB to compensate for these big losses at limit? Grrr... Tilt much?

If I had to track the cause for the loss, it'd be bad beats. I kept on getting outdrawn on the turn and the river. But... I wasn't folding to raises on the turn or river, so I definitely didn't save any bets. And tilt played a huge part. I'm thinking I still have a big leak in my limit game and it manifests itself as a string of small wins and then a huge loss. And I believe that leak is on the later streets.

The good news is I still will come out ahead with the bonus (and by my count, clearing both bonuses was good for something like $18 /hr)... But... It'd be nice to keep my stake and my bonus sometimes. At least I'm still ahead at Doyle's Room.

For now.

Addendum: I logged back on this afternoon and spend an hour to win $1 on Stars 6-max 2/4. And then I just spent another 15 minutes doing a $40 hit-n-run at the same games. Yeah, I was definitely tilted before -- but what got me back online was that I was playing without thinking, and I wanted to prove that I could be patient and play a solid game. Well, the afternoon session I was up $50, then down $50, and then got even again.

And I wasn't. Playing. Patient. Poker.

I get into these bad habits of firing at pots no matter what part I hit, no matter what position I'm in. Yes, firing a bullet or two in late position to pick up orphans is good. Firing at second pair from early position against three opponents is suicide -- what do I do if they call? Well, usually fire again. What if I do a sketchy raise in early position w/ Q8s? Fire at the flop and turn no matter what I hit. Hmmm... It's almost like my default (when I'm tired, tilted, whatever) is just to click the bet or raise button. Yes, aggression is good, but not when people show they're willing to call with a better hand. A common flaw in 6-max is difficulty letting go of a hand -- I suffer the same problem, so why do I expect others to make big reads and lay down against my bluffs or thin value bets?

I'm guessing this tendancy of over-aggression has come from HU play -- or at least, it serves me well in HU play. But calling down in 6-max is generally a recipe for disaster. At low limits I'm realizing it really is still a matter of getting good hands (or draws) and having them hold up. Forcing things does not help matters.

The second part is I've been playing enough lately that I'm working off reflexes again -- I bet that is why I did better earlier in the month when I wasn't playing much. I do much better if I take a few seconds to think things through. Thinking it out lets me make the tough turn folds where I'm not sure where I am in the hand and I'm better off saving the bets.

Argh... Limit just isn't my thing. I'm getting better and I'm really determined to not let it beat me down, but its not my thing. Big bet poker definitely suits my style better.

At least the night session I felt like I was tossing my bad cards and staying out of trouble (for 15 minutes).

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