Saturday, November 10, 2007

6-max NL

I need to be more aggressive. Yes, even at $10NL 6-max.

My stats: 39% VPIP, 2.31 AF, 9.7% PFR

From Poker Fool: 26% VPIP (don't you get bored?) , 18% PFR

  • "If my cards are good enough to limp in with, and it hasn't been raised yet, I will raise it up."
  • "And I have been re-raising people pre-flop a lot more. When you do that, most people will assume you have a huge hand like Kings or Aces. I know that if I get played back at, they will most definitely have a really good hand too, and it makes it easier to fold."
  • "Getting someone's full stack in an unraised pot is pretty difficult."od
Also, a good tool: PokerEV

(apparently I'm actually running good right for the last 1000 hands at UB $10 NL)

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