Monday, March 24, 2008

Officially a losing streak...

Well, it's officially a losing streak. Had another decent loss on Saturday (-$296) in 6/12 and now I've lost $700 straight ($150 is out of my backer's pocket though). Time to get back on track.

It occurred to me late in Saturday's session that I've gotten away from my break and butter: playing tight and solid. With the big wins of a week or so ago, I think I started to loosen up, playing T9o on the button, 86o in the SB, etc. Again, not big mistakes (and in some cases the play might be +EV). But, when I'm losing, it is increasing my variance and punishing me when I play poorly after the flop.

One thing I think I'm doing wrong is playing too tight on the flop and too loose on the turn and river. For instance, in one hand I held KJo on a flop of K44 rainbow, but folded when the SB raised me. I think was afraid of monsters. Yet, in other cases, I've been calling down when I shouldn't, like second pair against a button raiser who most likely has top pair.

I think part of my problem is I've been so focused on being more aggressive that I've forgotten some of the things that earns me money in the first place: playing against bad players, playing tight(er) than the rest of the table, and value betting.

So, tonight, my goals are:

  1. Play ABC poker. In NL, this is usually a bad thing, but in limit, it is a good way to make money. ABC poker for me means tighten up a little preflop, value bet, and use raises to get free cards and free showdowns in position. Don't make any big folds on the flop, but don't call to the river if signs tell me I shouldn't.
  2. Take extra time for my decisions. When I'm not playing well, I start making quick decisions. Take extra time for every decision.
  3. Play against bad players. This means move tables if my table is tight. I play best against lose players (either aggressive or passive) so I need to seek them out.
  4. Have fun and relax. Losing three times in a row has left me a little beat down. So work extra hard to keep tilt away. That means sitting out and taking a walk if I need to.
Realistically, this losing streak isn't that bad and its been padded by the hot streak I had at the beginning of the month. It seems like a lot of money, but realistically, it is only 50 big bets.

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