Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Live NLHE Ring

So there's this game I thought I talked about before in the blog, but maybe I haven't. It's a local, long-running $1/$2 NL game with a buy-in of $100 that's been running twice a week at a guy's house.

Oh, and did I mentioned I lost $1300 in the game? Nobody likes to see the graph above when relating to poker profits...

Well, I'm going to take another shot at it tonight, hoping that my experience playing limit live and sufficient bankroll will power me to a win. Because a while ago I vowed I'd beat that game. It's just too bad it isn't closer to my house, otherwise I'd play it more. Of course, that's if it happens, there may not be enough players for tonight...

Keys to my success tonight:

  • Expect to be stacked. Playing scared is what lost me most of the money in the first place. If I am at peace with being stacked, then I can put pressure on the other players. For that reason, I'm prepared to pull out 3 $100 buy-ins at most.
  • Take time, think through my actions. Consider bluffs, raises, everything. Don't play fast, because these guys have played a lot of hands and any mistakes could kill me.
  • Consider bet sizes to apply the most pressure / allow me to apply the final pressure point bet.
  • Play position -- tighter up front, looser in back.
  • Play the player -- avoid good players if out of position, do what I can to get into hands with bad/tilty players.
  • Take advantage of my image. I was always very tight/nitty before. So I'll start off playing tight, then raise, bet, and check-raise with hands to put pressure on the other players.
  • Semi-bluff like a mo-fo!
I'm pretty excited. At the minimum, it should be fun to see these guys again...

(oh, and if the game doesn't go off, then it is 6/12 or 8/16 at Garden City)

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