Friday, April 04, 2008

Goals for Tonight

Goals for Tonight:

  1. Play 8/16. Do my best to get in an 8/16 game unless I get in a really awesome 6/12 game first. I need to push myself a bit to play higher so I learn faster. For the record, if I didn't have the backing arrangement, this would probably be a dumb move.
  2. Rethink pre-flop hand selection. I think I've gotten into some habits which work for a loose 6/12 game but lose me money in the long run. Like limping suited connectors in EP in a tight game. Open my raising range in LP and look to isolate bad players. Fold small pairs if a lot of people aren't going to be in the pot.
  3. Think through my options on late streets. This has been on my list a lot, but I'm still trying to make decisions too quickly. Like folding to one bet on the river when the flush comes.

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