Sunday, February 14, 2010

A win!

So, the .25/.25 game went pretty well,  I bought in for $40 and left with $102.

It was one of those nights when (almost) everything was going right, I hit a lot of big hands, and only had a few second bets hands.  I also had a least three decent-sized bluffs, so that helped the bottom line quite a bit too.

I don't have too many hands that I feel I made a large mistake on, but I do have a few I'll bring up because I thought they were interesting.  The one sizable pot I remember losing was really just bad luck (two jacks on the flop with no action, I hit the full house with a set of deuces on the turn, but my opponent resucked out on the river and I paid very little to see the showdown).  So, these are both pots I won.

First hand: I have AA in MP and I raise it to $1.25.  The host, two spots to my left, re-raises to $2.50, one caller on the button, and it gets back to me.  I thought a while, and popped it to $7.50 (I think).  The host calls, the other guy folds...

Flop came out all low cards, something like 852.  Based on the action pre-flop, I thought it likely the host had a big pair or AK.  Knowing he was definitely good enough to fold even an overpair, I checked to him, he bet $7, and I thought a while and called.  My goal was to get him more attached with an overpair, and make him think I had AK.  Of course, this plan backfired when a K came on the turn.  I checked to him, and he made a very weak bet, something like $6.50.  On the flop and turn he'd urged me to push, so I finally obliged him on the turn -- and he instantly folded QQ face up.

I think I may have left some value on the table there.  If I led out on the flop, I think he would have called at least one bet... but I'm not sure.  If his range was TT+, AQ+, there's a lot of unpaired hands that he might bet but would fold to my bet...  Although, KK he'd definitely come...  I wonder if I should have played it a little faster to try to sucker him in.  Either way, I made a good chunk of change in that pot.

Second Hand.  This one I'm pretty proud of, but I'm not presenting it just to toot my own horn.  I believe these are the types of plays I need to make more often.

I had something like 76o in MP and a bunch of people called a raise to $1...  I honestly don't remember the exact action, and it may have been a straddled pot.  Either way, the flop came out 9d8x2d or something like that.  S-, to my right, lead for about half the pot (I believe it was $3).  Since I had an open-ended draw, I called, hoping another player or two would come in.  This is a little loose, but his lead was also a bit weak and I'd noticed earlier that he'd often fire into a pot out of position in weakness.  He'd also fired three barrels then folded to a small re-raise, so I thought there was a decent chance I could make some money.

The turn came an overcard (blank to my hand and the flush), and he fired $3 again.  I knew he was pretty weak at this point, but was content to get the discounted card.  I also started setting up a bluff in my head if I missed.  And I did miss, although the flush hit on the river.  And, he once again fired $3.  So, I thought a little bit, then popped it to $12.  He took quite a while, but finally folded his hand because he was afraid of the flush, and I told him that I had had the flush (I never showed).  This is a pretty bread and butter bluff that I have been too chicken to do lately.  The reason it worked was:

  1. My opponent could... nay... liked to make lay downs.
  2. The turn and river came out nasty to many hands on the flop allowing me to represent a big hand.
  3. He exhibited a lot of weakness.
  4. I made a big bet.
The last point, making a big bet, is something I've struggled with in the past, but it worked out this time.  I honestly could/should have made it a bit larger to ensure he would fold (he was really close to calling!).

 * * * * *

Ok, my next game will likely be Tuesday night in the $.50/$1 game.  Carrying over from my previous post, my goals will be:
  1. Open up my starting hands and aggression with position.  I need to practice opening in position, and raises/re-raises designed to win the pot out-right.
  2. Hard 11 pm stop time.  
  3. Hand ranging when I get faced with big decisions.
  4. Practice online!  I hope to log-on to Stars tomorrow afternoon to get some practice in, with a focus on #1.

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