Tuesday, February 02, 2010

NLHE tonight

I have the $1/2 ~$60 buy-in NLHE game tonight.

The table is generally pretty loose and aggressive, and there are a number of good players (and some bad ones).  In the past, I've been too passive and it got me into some sticky situations.

I haven't played NLHE in a while, but I know my issues are... passivity... multi-barrel bluffing in bad spots / for small amounts... making big mistakes on the turn and river (missing value, call-downs, etc).

So, my goals for tonight are, in order:
  1. Range hands.  Any decision in big pots on the turn or river, think through my opponents' hand range. Then consider my options.
  2. Really, range hands.  I talk about it, but I get lazy -- this is my main focus tonight!  If I lose, but I think I thought through each hand, I'll be happy.
  3. Bluff intelligently.  This means, if I'm going to put in a bluff, think it through, and select a bet size that will not be too weak.  It is better to not bluff at all than to bluff an amount that can be called pretty easily.

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