Friday, January 29, 2010


I've lost three tournaments online but I think I've identified some of my weaknesses and some basic strategy. Luckily, I lost only about $8 so far!

The first step is to know what games I'm good at and what games I'm... not good at.  

Here is my ordering of the games:

  1. HE
  2. Razz
  3. O8
  4. Stud8
  5. Stud

(although, I'm starting to wonder if my lack of late-tournament strategy for LHE is hurting me too, since it is apparently very important to be aware of the transition from Stud8 to HE)

My Big Problems:
1)  Big problem is not folding when it is clear I'm beat -- people aren't bluffing that much!  Always folding if I can't beat what they represent isn't that bad at all.  Especially in stud games with when I have 2-pair...
2)  Too loose early in hands, early in the tournament -- it gets me in bad spots later...
3)  Too aggressive early in the tourney... bluffing doesn't work!  Only raise/re-raise if I have a concrete plan of why I am doing it (usually beyond just the hope that they might fold)
4)  Too much chasing -- Count up my outs before I call!

Where I can make money (have an edge):
1)  Folding when I've got a weak two pair and there is a lot of action, or if I am drawing for half the pot.
2)  Later in the tourney, stealing antes in stud games.  One guy was raising every single time it checked to him in Razz, Stud, and Stud8 and he was picking up 80% of pots.

Stud Tips (from here, paraphrased): 
1) If I have a small two pair and an opponent has a higher pair on their board on 4th, 5th, or 6th (w/ action), fold.
2) 3-flush on fourth, fold without any backup (high cards, straight draw, etc)
3) Don't call with the second-best drawing hand.

I hope to get in one more practice tournament tomorrow at some point.   The Sunday tourney is only a $50 buy-in, but if I concentrate on it and get some of these things down, I think I can achieve a decent edge on many of the players there.

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