Sunday, January 31, 2010

HORSE Results: 2nd

Well, I got second, but I'm pretty disappointed in how I played heads up.  HU started during the 500/1000 blinds, 1K/2K round (500 ante -- yes, I know, kind of odd).  Going into it I probably had 26K in chips to his 10K.  But, I tried to run him over and played pretty fast and he called me down in three or four hands and quickly got me down to very few chips.

I really wish I had taken a few minutes about how to play my opponent.  I think I would have realized that a slower pace would have worked better.  I still might have lost, at minimum his run would have evened up the chips, but it sucks feeling like I might have left $150 on the table.

Aside from heads-up play, I thought I did very well in the HORSE tournament.  Going into the money (top three) I had a tiny stack, maybe 4K when there was 36K in play.  Yet, I had some luck, grinded it out, and got up to a commanding chip          lead.  I really felt in good control, even in the stud levels -- it was nice.

Anyway, lesson learned -- if I get to HU in a tournament, take a minute to formulate a strategy for my opponent -- even if I have most of the chips in play.

Now, time to get back to NLHE cash games.

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