Friday, January 04, 2008

Goals for GC Tonight

Gonna keep the goals pretty simple tonight:

1. Take notes to give me a hand-history. This means literally writing down all my hole cards, big pots, etc. How many 72o do I really fold? Now you'll know. Hopefully I'll get the notes (and my analysis) typed up tomorrow.

2. Lead out more. Thuan and I determined that I'm a wimp in terms of leading out into the field from EP when I hit the flop. I need to kick myself in the ass to make a bet if I hit mediocre top pair or middle pair. Turns out this habit designed to protect my stack in NL is hurting me in limit.

3. Loosen up a little in late position, raise more, and open-raise more. I need to take advantage of first in vigour a little more with hands like A8s, 88, QJs, etc in late position. This will also help my image and make me look looser and like less of a nit.

4. (Bonus Goal) Early on in the session, don't assume everyone is bluffing me. Near the end of the session, don't tighten up to protect my stack. I think I'm giving up more EV than I thought in the beginning and end of the session, but luckily it is easy to fix.

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Robert said...

I write my notes into my treo thing so I guess it's not always clear to others whether I'm taking notes or just responding to a text. There's also nothing wrong with bringing a small pad and jotting notes down after each hand. You just might want to write in code in case you have a nosy neighbor.

Regarding item 3, give yourself permission to come in for a raise for all the starting hands you've described. You'll win when your cards hit. But you'll also sometimes win when you bet the flop and everyone shockingly folds. When you limp in preflop people don't give you the same post flop respect.

Next time you sit down try playing for an entire session only raising or folding when the action gets to you. Take calling away from yourself as an option. It's alot of fun.

Good luck.