Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Losing Year

I won't belabor this, because I don't think it is that important in the grand scheme of things. But 2007 was my first losing year at poker.

It was also my first year since 2005 in which I didn't play nearly as much or study the game nearly as seriously. I blame my part time tutoring job for that!

In tournaments, I was up around $400, mostly due to a win of a $60 6-player tourney and a $30 6-player tourney in one day (note the big jump on the graph). Ring games I was down over $800, half of that loss from Dave's $1/$2 NL game and half from the GC $6/12. The rest of my play was at micro stakes online, except for $1/2 LHE early in the year when I took most of my losses clearing a bonus. Aside from that, I was pretty much break-even online.

Needless to say, my loss is pretty much in the noise since I was playing poker so much less than before and I took losses in the bigger stakes I played. Not to say I was playing well all year -- in fact, I think I was out of practice most of the year.

My goal is to string some wins together in the new year and rebuild my bankroll from the $1400 it is currently sitting at. Booking some wins at $6/12 if my first step toward that.

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