Friday, January 18, 2008

San Mateo/Meetup Bust

I hear periodically about poker games getting busted, but never in the Bay Area. Sadly, I never played in the game in question, but if I had known about it (which is surprising, because I did look in Meetup for a poker game a few times) I would have tried to make it a few times a month as time permitted. So, I'm mostly dissappointed that this really good game that I didn't know about is now gone. I doubt any of the charges will stick, and there should be enough media coverage to keep it from happening again, at least for a game this small (and relatively innocent).

Info from players there:

The funniest part is the undercover cops that played in the game were notable for playing really, really badly. So if a new player plays in your home game and plays horribly, make sure they're not a cop :)

For my home game, as long as I don't take a rake, even for food, everything should be fine.

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