Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poker After Dark Season 3, a.k.a. "Who is this Marianela Chick?"

I remembered to DVR the new Poker After Dark shows this weekend, and watched the first episode of the second week last night. Quality, quality episode. I've never seen Sam Grizzle before, but I see how he got his reputation. I'm a little confused where he got the $20K from to be on the show without any visible sponsors, but he's got a pretty grating personality.

If you haven't seen it, the lineup: Gavin Smith, Grizzle, "Sheiky", "The Mouth", Jean-Robert Bellande (looking good since his Survivor run), and Hellmuth.

The highlights were pretty much every player berating Matusow for a bad push and giving another well-respected player a lot of chips. And Hellmuth and JR getting into a monster argument (including Gavin yelling at the tournament organizers -- I can't tell if it was in jest) over who shows their cards first (FYI, I think Hellmuth was totally in the wrong, but maybe I don't know 'poker etiquette'). I will say, this is a great example of why Hellmuth is a good player -- he's playing amazingly.

BTW, did you know Matusow went on a date with Kathy Griffin?

Also, there's this Marianela girl who's replaced Shana. While she's not as horrible as some of the hosts, she definitely comes off a little ditzy. We'll see how she does in the long run. On this first episode, she definitely had that 'Ew, gross.' look when Matusow put his arm around her and held it there for a whole minute. Pretty funny. Her site is here.

I kinda wish I'd DVR'd the first week, but I'll catch it in the re-runs. Sounds like it was a good one too.

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