Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12/9 GC, Missed Bets?

Three more hands where I may have missed bets.

1. I had KK in mid position. A few limpers, I raise, something like 6 of us go to the flop for two bets. Flop was A82 rainbow. Checks to me, and I check. Should I bet there? I just figured someone had to have an ace.

Turn is an A, maybe two of a suit. Checks to me, I check again (probably another mistake), and the button bets. A few callers, and I call too (did I mention I played this hand bad)?

River is a blank (6ish) and it checks around. Better had an 8, so I take down the pot. Obviously, I missed a bet here, but it'd be an awefully risky bet. I was just planning to call down. Is there a different line in this hand which is more profitable?

2. I have QQ in the cut-off. Three limpers to me, I raise, and we get 5 players to the flop and I'm last to act. Flop comes K94. Checks to me, I bet, 3 call. Turn is an 8, checks to me, I chicken out and check behind. River comes another blank (maybe a 3), checks to me, I think about value betting and chicken out again and check behind. Of course my queens take the pot.

I'm positive I missed a bet here. Would anyone call? Not sure. But in last position I think I need to bet the river, and possibly the turn.

Another trend is I'm slowing down in multiway pots when I don't have top pair. Should I wait until someone bets to slow down?

3. KQo in the cutoff. I raise after about four limpers, lose the blinds, but the limpers all call. I think this is a clear raise for value here (what about KJo?).

Flop comes AK3 two spades. Checks to me, I bet. Two guys call. Turn is blank. Checks to me, I bet again, figuring I may have the best hand or maybe I can get someone off a weak ace. At minimum, I can buy a showdown and charge anyone drawing. This is a good bet, right?

One guy calls. He's older, seems pretty experienced, but he just sat down a few hands ago. He had limped UTG. No idea what he has, but a weak ace is possible. Once he calls the turn bet, I'm done with the hand. If he bets, I fold, if he checks, I check.

Anyway, the river came. What was it? No idea, I think it may have been a low spade, but it didn't help my hand. He checks, I check behind, and he says ace or king good. What the hell was he calling with? Later, the floorman asks him if he wants a 20/40 seat. Yikes. Maybe TT or 99? QJ or something for a gutshot? Can't really put him on a good hand in that spot. Should I have bet the end if a spade didn't come?


Thuan said...

Huge... huge leak, here. We've talked about this. After reading this section, I think you are trying to narrow down your opponents holdings way too much. These are loose games with BAD players. You MUST exploit there mistakes. What mistakes do they all make?

1) They are loose PF.
2) They go too far w/marginal hands.
3) They are curious.

So, w/your big PP... just because an overcard comes on the flop, you are NOT beat, necessarily and you are missing bets if you check. It is true that some will have the top pair. And in "our" normal games, it's ok to be suspicious of it. But when there is a big chance that players will make mistake number (2), you have to bet and even call down to the river if you get raised.

I also find it odd that you got aggressive w/2nd pair on your KQo hand, but not w/your 2nd pair when you had the big PP. Please ask yourself if this passiveness is indicative of the other players at the table? If so, shouldn't you be more aggressive?

Thuan said...

Oh, to give you my opinion on hand (1).

A better line at this kind of game is:

Bet, bet, bet. flop, turn river. You CANNOT assume that you are up against an A-rag... this is scared poker.