Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another GC Trip

Still need to debrief the last GC trip ($-98), but I'm going again this afternoon. I feel like my game is finally starting to come around. Although with the holidays, the tables are getting tighter and harder. Hopefully they'll get better after Christmas. That said, if needed, I'll drop to 3/6 to get the practice and avoid a large loss.

I also got a hold of this book -- it is clear to me that most of my leaks are post flop. I ended up flipping through it for 90 minutes right before bed last night.

Things to work on for tonight:
  • Be more deliberate before acting.
  • Count outs, consider the strength of my hand vs the field, and be aggressive. Consider small pots vs large pots, and whether I'm trying to eliminate players or build the pot. Fold marginal hands in small pots.
  • Be aggressive, but not stupid aggressive, like continuation betting an unimproved AQo into four players on a 754 board with two spades. That's just dumb.
  • Don't be afraid to semi-bluff raise and check-raise on the flop and turn against a tighter player. GC players will back down.

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